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A healthy chimney flue is vital for your safety and the efficient function of your chimney.
Creosote is a flammable and corrosive material that can build up over time on the walls of your firebox and flue system. In it's worst form it is a gooey, bad smelling, corrosive and combustible material. It happens when unburned wood particles, ash and other gases mix as they exit the flue system.  Ongoing burning of unseasoned firewood/fuel and incorrect operation of the appliance on a low burn setting will promote creosote build-up.  If this is not cleared it will create blockages or a chimney fire.
Creosote/Soot build up occurs quicker than you may expect and when this is left untreated can cause chimney fires as well as carbon monoxide build up in your home.
The safety inspection of your open fireplace or firebox and flues is the most important part. This is to ensure everything is in a safe working condition and is done as part of the chimney sweep.   Our service offers a chimney sweep and/or safety inspection and if any repairs are needed them we will give you a quote.
We absolutely recommend an annual chimney/fireplace inspection and sweep/service for your own safety and to meet your house insurance requirements.

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  • You can use your fireplace/firebox the night before your sweep/service - as long as the damper is left fully open at bedtime.
  • Please arrange for someone to be home as we need access to the inside of your fireplace.
  • It is safer for us to sweep your firebox/chimney internally (from firebox to chimney top) but in some circumstances we need to do this from the rooftop (we will advise once on site).  Please read our Health & Safety Regulations
  • This is then followed by a thorough inspection to check that your fireplace/firebox and chimney are efficient and safe to use.
  • If we come up on anything that may require repairs we may be able to complete the repairs on the spot (after your approval and if we have necessary tools/supplies on hand) or a  second visit may be necessary if we have to order particular parts.
  • We pride our self to complete our work in a careful and extremely clean manner.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - A Better Clean Chimney Services is a member of the New Zealand Home Heating Association.  Our work complies with all New Zealand building standards and local council regulations.